Could Robotics Influence The Future Of Gambling?

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Could Robotics Influence The Future Of Gambling?

Artificial Intelligence has hit the media regularly of late and this subject will continue to do so thanks to continuous advances in technology. It is definitely the shape of things to come and it is thought that few if any services in society will be left unchanged by AI development.

Robotics in the 21st Century

The last decade has seen most of the major breakthroughs and these have opened the full possibilities of how we can utilize this technology in healthcare, science, education entertainment and more. It has also featured in popular culture and especially in mainstream cinema. Here AI has been imaginatively brought to life and the positive and negative effects on society have been explored in great detail.

Potential Applications of AI

At present we are only scratching at the surface of the possible applications for this technology and we are only limited by our imaginations.

You may still be wondering what Artificial Intelligence actually is? To put it simply, AI is the expression of intelligence demonstrated by man-made machines that is in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by living things. However, despite one being artificial and the other being natural, the result is machines that think and react like human beings.

Giving machines the intelligence of a human being can aid society tremendously and bolster an ever-ageing human workforce. The most popular form that AI would take is that of robots. Robotics is already being used in medicine and these machines have helped surgeons perform many types of complex procedures with precision.

AI and Gambling


  • It’s not just in the serious aspects of society that robots can help mankind. AI extends its reaches far and wide. The entertainment industry is always one to utilize new technology rapidly and AI use will no doubt be widespread her too.
  • The gambling industry like much of the entertainment world is always willing to try new technology first. Whether it’s the invention of video slots or the first online casino, technology has been hugely positive for this industry. Therefore Artificial Intelligence would be welcomed with open arms. Already gambling operations are using AI to conduct business operations more effectively and accurately than ever before.
  • Even robots have already been brought into the equation as inventors apply them to different aspects of the industry. Casinos of the future could contain robotic dealers that are more accurate than humans and can take on long shifts without the need for breaks and of course payment. These robots will also be taught how to interact with us. Robotic dealers could also accurately spot cheating as they are more focused than human dealers who naturally respond to distractions in their environment.
  • No human errors would enter the equation across all aspects of the casino environment. Robots will do what they have been programmed to do and nothing more. Even Poker could get the robotic dealer treatment and some scientists are working on robots that can predict a player’s next move.

Final Thoughts

Robotics could provide a better solution and bring in younger crowds to gambling establishments, save money and bring an end to cheating and human error. The potential influences are mind blowing.

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